Additional SKU-Keeper Account


If you are using the system for Pick-to-Light only, you'll need only one account for you and all your Turbos. But if you're using the system for Inventory Management, including Picklists, Path Planning, Reporting, or other functions, you'll need a user account for each technician, picker, restocker, manager--each person--that logs onto the system.

Our license agreement doesn't allow people to share passwords.

    Product Attributes
  • Scalability: AWS Cloud-based
  • Access: Secure Web (HTTPS) (TFA Available for additional charge) responsive GUI accessible from Station, Desktop Computer, Android, or other phones/tablets
  • Accounts: Customer controlled, role-based
  • Warehouse Storage: Divided into Areas and subdivided into Locations
  • Pick-to-Light: Devices assigned to Locations (Flow-through racks supported)
  • Pick-to-Light Tracking: Tracks status and voltage
  • Inventory: Supports Product Types separated from actual holdings. Items are tracked to Location or to Individual
  • Picklists: Full support for multiple pickers, aggregating multiple picks
  • Restocklists: Integrated support for multiple restockers
  • Dashboards: Fully customizable
  • Help: Online pop-up and video, customized to the page
  • Custom Reporting: Full suite, including charts and graphs
  • Data Import: CSV for Warehouse layout, inventory and picklists.
  • Data Export: CSV from all tables and reports
  • SKU: additional-skukeeper-account