Cloud Display Device

$5.00 ($15.00 activation)

A Cloud Display Device leverages the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to boost your productivity. A simple URL causes the device to light up (or flash) and play a tune with 2 lines of custom text.  This device is wireless and runs on two regular AA alkaline batteries (not included). This device can be mobile or mounted with screws, zip-ties, or industrial double-sided tape.

Devices are highly flexible and can be used for pick-by-light, put-by-light, kitting, sequencing, quarantining, flow racks, pick tunnels, and other applications.

Use these devices with your existing WMS or ERP system following the directions on our integration page and our constructing a url page.

Two AA batteries are not included. Please consult our battery life calculator for information about battery life.  There are normally some good deals on batteries on

    Product Attributes
  • Display: Two lines, 16 characters each. Longer lines scroll left-right. Green backlit LCD. Push-button to acknowledge.
  • Product Dimensions: 5.25” Wide (Closed), 6.50” Wide (Open) x 1.875” Height (Including Button) x 1.125” Depth (Including Display).
  • Radio Range: Approximately 50-75 feet. Depends on surroundings.
  • Batteries: Two AA 1.5V Alkaline batteries not included.
  • Mounting Options: Screws, Industrial double-sided tape, or zip-ties.
  • Additional Features: Plays custom tunes.
  • SKU: cloud-display-device